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I am based in Pacific Northwest with my husband, but I promise you that I am probably not there right now. I love to travel and am constantly on the go. Luckily, I have my dream job which allows me to visit new and familiar places, capturing beautiful memories along the way.

In my spare time, I love to be on the water or on the slopes. I also love to be home editing with our two cats and dog. 

I am LGBTQ+ inclusive and an advocate for a person's right to choose- you are welcomed here regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, body image, or disabilities. If that statement upsets you, we are probably not meant to work together.

A bit about me

When having my logo designed, I knew I wanted it to have a butterfly for my grandmother. At 90 years old, she was the sassiest and most amazing woman I had ever known. She was my best friend and always encouraged me to keep working towards my dreams. For her last birthday, we even got matching tattoos together (her idea). She had said she had always wanted one and my response was, “What are you waiting for?” I told her I would get one with her and we decided on butterflies - her favorite. 

Behind the Butterfly

That ended up being the last birthday I would get to celebrate with her. Today, I’m so lucky that I have this beautiful reminder of her- not only on my finger, but now in my logo. Everytime someone asks about it, I get to tell them about the fearless Juanita May. Everytime I see a butterfly, I always think of her. I like to think that she is looking down on me and very proud of what I have accomplished. 

It’s only appropriate that the video that started my videography career, was of her 90th birthday.

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Let’s keep it real and happy! I want your images to look timeless and portray your personality. I want your wedding video to be a mini-movie of your wedding day so you can remember it forever. I try my best to be everything you didn’t know you needed on your wedding day. I’ve pinned boutineers, picked up coffee, and have even given one of my camera lenses to the photographer when their lens broke. I’m confident in what I do, so I have no problem being direct when something needs to get done.

Every wedding I shoot is just a reminder of how fortunate I am to document love! I’m invested in your story and wedding day. You can catch me tearing up behind the camera as you share a first look with your dad or sobbing in my house alone as I edit your wedding video. I know that if I feel this way about your final product, you will feel the same way!

My approach

Sarah Stip is one of THE best decisions my husband and I made in my wedding planning process! She not only has beautiful work but is such an amazing, fun, and easy to get along with human being. A photographer was honestly the vendor I was THE most picky about and really spent so much time to research and choose the perfect one, and for my husband and I, the perfect photographer truly was Sarah.  


Kind words

Sarah is absolutely amazing! I flew Sarah out to Cabo San Lucas for a surprise proposal and she was so easy to work with. Sarah will sacrifice anything for her clients (she literally hid under a hot sailboat cabin for 45 minutes before our proposal and did it with a smile). Before we left for Cabo, I called and texted Sarah multiple times and she was very quick to respond which gave me peace of mind. She thought of even the smallest details and came up with a plan and executed it. The day after our proposal she invited us for a fun brunch and went the extra mile to take some engagement photos of us. We have gotten our photos back and are in awe reliving every moment of the most perfect trip. 


Kind words

Sarah is the BEST, hands down!! My husband and I really care about our wedding photos. We are so, so blessed to have had Sarah along our wedding journey. I will list a few things she has done: 1. She took my husband's proposal photos for us and planned the entire thing with him. It was amazing. 2. She took my college graduate photos... the morning after being up till 3 am for a wedding the night before. Gig 'em. 3. She took my bridals when it was pouring rain outside... and they look incredible!! 4. She took our wedding photos on a broken foot...... AND they look amazing!!!! (dedication at its finest) 5. She's funny, loyal, beautiful, and the best photographer ever.

Jack & Catherine

Kind words

2023-2024 travels

Travel is my second passion, so if your event is a little further away, don’t let the distance keep us apart.

My camera has taken me to Italy, Kenya, and France, Mexico, Colombia, and Anguilla - just to name a few of my favorite places! I’ve photographed weddings, proposals, and elopements in locations all around the world. 

Below is my current travel schedule. If we happen to be crossing paths, please reach out! There are no travel fees for your shoot if you meet me in any of the following places.


8/30/23-9/4/23: New York City, New York
9/22/23-9/24/23: Punta Mita, Mexico
10/2/23-10/6/23: Lake Como, Italy
10/7/23-10/13/23: Florence, Italy
10/13/23-10/21/23: Europe (open)
10/22/23-10/24/23: New York City, New York
12/8/23-12/11/23: New York City, New York
3/1/24-3/5/24: Maui, Hawaii 
3/28/24-4/1/24: Charleston, South Carolina
5/7/24-5/13/24: Puglia, Italy
5/30/24-6/2/24: Birmingham, Alabama
6/6/24-6/10/24: Sadirac, France
6/12/24-6/16/24: Middleburg, Virginia
7/18/24-7/22/24: Cartagena, Colombia
9/12/24-9/16/24: Charleston, South Carolina
10/22/24-10/25/24: New York City, New York

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